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Short hair hairstyle is the best haircut to help you look younger than your real age does. Not a new hairstyle, but short hair is still the most popular hairstyle that the Korean idols can not refuse. Let’s see which 4 Korean stars are most beautiful with wavy short hairstyles!


Popular Korean idol, Yoona has been associated with the long hair for a long time. However, to refresh the image, YoonA changed her hairstyle to short hair with a little wavy in the tail.

Choosing a short hair with C-tail is a perfect decision of Yoona. This new hair hairstyle makes her look more beautiful and radiant than ever.

Park Bo Young

Known as the actress who has a lovely face, Park Bo Young is the Korean female star who is ranked among the best Korean stars with best look in short hair.

If the long hair makes her old with a faint image and hard to impress, now with her short hair adding a slightly bending in the tail, Park Bo Young looks much more younger. And no one can  believe that this cute little girl is about to turn to 30 years old.

This short haircut is also the hairstyle of the actress in the movie “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” which is very popular with the audience.


Multi-talented star, IU, always attracts fans with her pure sweet beauty in the short hair with a curly tail.

The hairstyle with a shoulder-length and C-tail helps show off the radiant lines on the face of the Korean singer.

This hairstyle is particularly suitable for those with oval face and long face. In contrast, those with a round face should not try this hairstyle because it will make your face fatter than ever.


Hyeri is one of the most famous young stars in Korean. One of the factors that helped her build a beautiful and seductive image is the short curly hair.

If other stars make a C-tail, Hyeri choose for herself a twist curls to help her hair bouncing. The curly tail combined with a thin bangs and light-colored hair dye make her look young and lovely than ever.

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