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5 effective hair care methods with lemon for shiny hair

Hair care methods with lemon has long been considered a secret to help hair shine. Let’s try to apply the natural and safe hair care methods with lemon.

Many people are looking for ways to take care of dry and damaged hair by using natural methods. Using lemon is one of the very effective ways to restore the hair follicles. Lemon juice is a great choice to help reduce some of the most common problems related to damaged hair.

Lemon juice has long been recommended as an ingredient to help maintain your hair. Thus, many people choose lemon to wash hair instead of using artificial hair care products.

lemon for shiny hair 1

  1. Remove oil from the scalp

The oil that appears on your scalp is alkaline, lemon juice is acidic (citric acid) so lemon helps neutralize and remove oil on the scalp. Soaking your hair with lemon juice helps to remove excess oil from your hair and keep the natural oils your hair needs to keep your hair roots healthy and fast-growing. In addition, soaking hair with lemon juice can also help remove the remaining oils from the scalp like shampoos or hair styling gels – which make hair become heavy.

How to make: Mix the lemon juice and vinegar with the same amount and apply into the scalp to remove the stuck follicles to limit the oil on the scalp. 

  1. Prevent hair loss

lemon for shiny hair 2

Lemon juice helps thicken the hair and helps prevent hair tangle and stimulates new hair growth as well. To prevent hair loss, mix the juice from half a lemon with a chicken egg yolk, one teaspoon of honey and one tablespoon of olive oil, mix well and apply it into wet hair. Incubate for 30 minutes then rinse off.

  1. Itch and dandruff treatment on scalp

You can also massage the scalp with lemon juice to remove the agglomeration of dandruff. Using lemon is a great way to remove dandruff without causing irritation to the scalp. Removing the agglomeration of dandruff on the scalp can also help your hair grow more effectively.

How to make: Mix 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice into a glass of water, not apply directly lemon juice on the scalp. Gently apply the mixture to the scalp, be careful not to let the liquid drop on the eye. Note, spend time applying carefully to make sure that the entire scalp is perneated with liquid. Do not use too much force when massaging scalp and be careful not to scratch the scalp which can make it easily irritated. After 1-2 minutes, wash your head with warm water. Repeat every two weeks until your scalp is no longer itchy and uncomfortable.

  1.  Hair growth

If you have ever had hair loss and want new hair grow up quickly, lemon juice is an effective assistant for you to promote growth and slow hair loss process. Mix lemon juice with coconut oil or olive oil in the same proportion and use this mixture to massage your scalp. Due to the presence of vitamin C, lemon juice can also enhance hair follicles to be healthier.


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