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Hair care

5 secret tips for maintaining your hair extensions

Using hair extensions for the beauty hair purpose has become more popular in some recent years. People usually prefer in enhancing their appearance in better ways. Besides having a suitable hairstyle with hair extensions, maintenance tips are also one of the important considerations of users.

5 secret tips 1

Right maintenance decides the long lasting of hair extensions and the beauty effect this kind of hair tools can bring. The different maintenance tips can bring different effects to your hair styles, therefore, take a look at 5 secret tips below for the suitable hair care tips for your own hair extensions.

5 secret tips 2

For the longest time of using hair extensions, keep your hair away from hair products which do not contain natural components. Using hair products at minimum times avoids the risk of shed and tangle. Instead of using hair products which you are not sure about the components inside, you can prepare your own hair products from natural sources as avocado, honey and coconut oil mixed with lemon or yogurt.

5 secret tips 3

After applying for hair extensions, it is possible for restyle your hair as changing the color. We notice that not only natural hair but also hair extensions after any hair beauty treatment can suffer damages. If you apply for human hair extensions, it may get damage less than synthetic hair extensions because of the characteristic of them. As apply for Beequeenhair extensions then dye with red color, you can get the most natural looks and your interested hairstyle, however, the hair extensions will have shortened lifespan if you do not apply right maintenance.

5 secret tips 4

Another important tip in taking care of hair extensions is storage. After a whole day of using hair extensions, you should clean them carefully then store. In case you can remove your hair extensions regularly, wash them at least 3 times per week and brush gently before storage in the suitable tag or box. Make sure your hair extensions are tidy and do not be tangled or shed to prepare for the next time using.


Tangle is the nightmare with all users applying for hair extensions. To avoid the risk of tangle or further damage to the hair extensions, it is suggested to brush your hair frequently. After all day of using, tangles can be created because of the wind, outdoor actions. At the end of a day, take a brush with wide-tooth to comb your hair. Brushing gently daily to get away from the shed or tangle problem.

5 secret tips 6

Hair extension can be added directly to your existing hair, as Beequeenhair extensions which is designed from virgin human hair. Therefore, sleeping, take a shower or even swimming with the hair extensions. According to expert, it is not suitable if you did these activities together with hair extensions. Your hair extensions may get tangle easier than usual, which also means you need prepare more carefully to keep them in the best condition.

5 secret tips 7

With some tips for maintaining the hair extensions, people can choose the best method for the longer lifespan of hair extensions products and also get the best beauty effect with hair extensions.

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