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Winter is coming and many people are wondering which hairstyles you should choose to make for this season. In this article, we will introduce you some popular hairstyles which are particularly suitable for winter and were chosen by many famous stars.

  1. Farrah Fawcett hairstyle

Inspired by the 1970s beautiful hairstyles, Farrah Fawcett hairstyle is a bit curly, with a slight fluttering wave, but still creates a feminine and dynamic look, especially suitable for every face.

  1. Long curly hair

This hairstyle is really hot for 2018, because it is very feminine, extremely seductive and youthful. In particular, the hair suits many people with different face shapes. This hairstyle will look more fashional when combined with chestnut brown or green hair dye. Especially, in this winter, with a sweater and a beautiful long hair, you will look so attractive.

  1. Kinky curly hair

Kinky curly hair has never cooled down. This hairstyle is for those who want to have a thick and full hair. The hairstyle looks so fancy that everyone wants to try it. On the other hand, a kinky curly hair will keep you warm during this winter.

  1. Water wavy hair

This curly style is quite popular with young people, this hair helps your face look more rounded and more attractive. Whether you own a short hair or a long hair, you can still change up with this hairstyle this winter.

  1. Straight shoulder length hair

If you have an oval face, you can try with a straight shoulder length hair, this hairstyle will be particular suitable for this winter. A shiny and straight hair will bring you a gentle and graceful look. For this hairstyle, you can choose for yourself any hair dye color like natural black, brown or blond colors and a flat bangs or side-swept bangs will both fit.

  1. Wavy bob hair

Say goodbye to the straight bob hair, winter is the time of the wavy and curly hairstyles. A wavy bob hair is very easy to combine with a beanie in this season. You can make an ombre hair dye to look more fashional, there are some colors you can mix together like black and blond, brown and blond or black and red. Especially, with a short hair for winter, you do not need to take much time to take care of it or get trouble with washing.

Besides changing your natural hair, you can also use hair extensions to have a new look for this winter. With hair extension, you do not have to wash it frequently, especially in such cold weather. You can freely change hairstyles without damaging or cutting your real hair. Beequeenhair is a famous hair supplier in Vietnam, selling 100% human hair with the best quality and reasonable price. We supply hair worldwide with fast delivery and there are many types of hair extensions for you to choose. If you need support in purchasing hair, you can contact with our sales team.

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