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6 notes when dyeing your hair at home you should know

Instead, spending a lot of money, or hours to go to salons to dye your hair, with natural hair dye, you can still dye your hair at home yourself. Save time and do not have to wait hours. In order to have natural hair dye in the beautiful as in salon, Beequeen also has a few small notes to help the hair color the best!

  1. Choose the right hair color

If you have never dyed your hair at home, maybe you will be a little bit lame that dye color will not be uniform. Therefore, do not choose dye color too bright, which does not reveal the hair color. But do not choose so dark colors too.

dyeing your hair 1

Neutral colors such as chestnut brown will be a safe choice (Vietnamese hair ), as it is a hair color that is suitable for all skin types and hair styles, without exposing a defect if unevenly dyed.

  1. Check your hair condition

Since hair dyes can cause hair to dry out fibers or dyes color that may be brighter than the actual color if the hair is in a dry condition, check the condition of the hair before dyeing.

If you have styled the “hair” with different types, your hair is quite sensitive. At this time, if you continue to use hair dyes, it will cause your hair to thin and damage further. Therefore, you need to know the condition of your hair before dyeing to make the best decision offline!

TIP for girls: If your hair is too dry, try to condition your hair and take care of it for a week until your hair gets stronger and a better color before dying!

  1. Select the right type of hair color

Dyes usually have two types: permanent dyes and temporary dyes made from medicines or natural materials. The chemicals of the hair dye will directly affect our scalp and hair. Choose the dye of the prestigious brands.

dyeing your hair 2

With self-dyeing at home, you can choose temporary dyes. The advantage of this method is that not many ammonia components cause dry hair, and will usually fade after many shampoos. This will help you avoid the condition that hair color does not suit you!

  1. Test the dye before dyeing

If you have sensitive skin, try dye before dyeing your hair to avoid allergic reactions. Apply some dye on the back of the ear and leave it on the skin for 12 hours. If your skin does not have itching, burning or redness, you can use them to dye it.

  1. Make sure the dye does not stick to the clothes

When dying their hair, she should not wash her hair that day. Shampoo in 1 day! Because the natural oil on your hair will not dry your hair due to the dye.

  1. Divide the hair when dyed so that the hair is evenly colored

To help keep the dye evenly over your hair, divide the part into sections when dyed. Because if you do not split your hair, you can apply the dye several times on one part of your hair. This will make the hair smoother and more prominent.

dyeing your hair 3

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