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6 Wedding Hairstyles You Can Do It Yourself For The Occasion (Part 1)

Wedding party is an important event of each girl. So the question here is that how to become beautiful and lovely in this memorable event. Today Beequeen are so happy to share with all of you 6 nice wedding hairstyles which are not only easy to do it yourself but also so attractive.

 Here is Part 1:

  1. 10-Minute Fancy Updo

Wedding Hairstyles You 1

What You Need:

– Mini hair elastics

– Bobby pins

– Hair clips

– Hairspray

Step 1: Separate your hair into four sections: face-framing pieces in the front, one section on each side from your ear to your temple, and the rest of your hair in the back.

Step 2: Separate the largest section of hair in the back into two more sections: top and bottom. Clip the top section up to keep it out of the way for now. Secure the bottom section into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck with a mini hair elastic, then put another elastic about two inches from the bottom of the ponytail.

Step 3: Roll the ponytail up into a bun and secure with a bobby pin at the nape of your neck.

Step 4: Take the clip out of the top section of hair and smooth it back and down. Loosely secure it into a half-up ponytail with a mini elastic.

Step 5: Twist the tail of the ponytail into its base and pin the twist down above the bun. See the GIF below for a closer look at this technique.

Step 6: Braid the section of hair on the left and secure the braid with an elastic at the end. For a thicker look, gently tug the braid apart from top to bottom.

Step 7: Wrap the braid around the back of the head and secure with a bobby pin just above the bun.

Step 8: Do the same as Step 6 on the right side.

Step 9: Repeat Step 7 on the right side.

Step 10: Use hairspray to secure the style in the back and fix any face-framing pieces in the front to fall however you’d like. 10-Minute Fancy Updo

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  1. Half-Up Hair Wrap

Wedding Hairstyles You 2

What You Need:

– Mini hair elastics

– Bobby pins

– Teasing brush

– Hairspray

Step 1: Prep your roots by spraying hairspray for volume and hold.

Step 2: Use a teasing brush to tease hair from the front of your hairline to the crown of your head. Tease one-inch sections at a time, brushing from the mid-shaft to the root to create more volume.

Step 3: Create a half-up ponytail with the top half of hair, securing with an elastic.

Step 4: Grab a one-inch section of hair directly underneath the elastic of the half-up ponytail.

Step 5: Wrap the loose one-inch section of hair around the half-ponytail to conceal the elastic.

Step 6: Pin the ends of the wrapped hair underneath the elastic.

  1. Triple Bun

Wedding Hairstyles You 3

What You Need:

– Bobby pins

– Mini hair elastics

Step 1: Separate your hair into three evenly sized low ponytails at the nape of your neck. Secure the base of the ponytails with mini hair elastics.

Step 2: Use another mini hair elastic about two inches up from the ends of your hair on each ponytail. This will help keep the hair together and in place for the next step.

Step 3: Starting with the ponytail in the center, roll the bottom elastic up to the first elastic to create a bun. Pin the bun in place at the base of the ponytail.

Step 4: Do the same as Step 3 on the left ponytail.

Step 5: Repeat Step 3 on the right ponytail.

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