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6 Wedding Hairstyles You Can Do It Yourself For The Occasion (Part 2)

Following up Part one, now Beequeen will continue to introduce to you 3 more wedding hairstyles which will never make you down. Let’s go!

  1. A Crown For Curls

Wedding Hairstyles You 1

What You’ll Need:

– Bobby pins

– Mini hair elastics

– Tail comb

– Hair clips

Step 1: Using a tail comb, create a front section of hair all the way around your head from ear to ear. Clip back the rest of your hair to keep it out of the way for now.

Step 2: Beginning at one side of your head, French-braid the front section of hair along the hairline.

Step 3: Continue the French braid, adding more hair to each strand as you go.

Step 4: Once the braid is at your ear, continue with a traditional three-strand braid to the end of the hair.

Step 5: Secure the braid with a mini hair elastic at the bottom.

Step 6: Make the braid a bit thicker by gently tugging apart each strand so the weave isn’t too tight.

Step 7: Lift the braid up and over your head, flush against the French-braided section, until the end of the braid reaches the opposite ear. See the GIF below for a more detailed view on this.

Step 8: Pin back any extra hair in the front that wasn’t woven into the French braid. This piece can be used to cover up the end of the braid if your hair isn’t long enough to reach the opposite side of your head.

Step 9: Unclip the rest of your hair and tousle it forward.

Step 10: If you need to secure any parts of the braid, use a bobby pin to do so.

  1. Bangin’ Braid

What You’ll Need:

– Tail comb

– Mini hair elastics

– Bobby pins

– Hair clips

Step 1: Using a tail comb, part the front section of your hair into a triangle with clean, straight parts. Hold the rest of your hair away from your face by clipping it back with hair clips.

Step 2: Begin braiding the bangs section with three passes of a French braid before continuing with a traditional three-strand braid. See the GIF below for more clarification on this technique.

Step 3: Continue down the bangs until you reach the temple area, then secure with a mini hair elastic.

Step 4: Use a bobby pin to pin the braid back into the hairline. Pull the clips off of the loose hair and tousle hair to cover the elastic and pin in the front.

  1. Half French Twist

Wedding Hairstyles You 2

What You Need:

– Mini hair elastics

– Bobby pins

Step 1: Gather the top quarter section of your hair into a small ponytail and secure with a mini hair elastic.

Step 2: Grab a two-inch section from either side of your head and pull backward.

Step 3: Loosely secure both pieces together with an elastic to create a second small ponytail.

Step 4: Twist the ends of the second small ponytail until the twist becomes hard.

Step 5: Keep twisting until the hair above the elastic is also a hard, taut twist. Use a bobby pin to secure the twist flat on your head, then continue pinning to keep the entire length of the twist in place.

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