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8 Cute and Attractive Braided Headband Vietnamese Hairstyles

Society is more and more modern, so Vietnamese hair is also concerned more. Braided headband styles are becoming popular, especially in the summer months. These hairstyles work beauty and comfort into any hair length or texture. It’s an easy way to try a cool daily hairstyle that will also keep your locks from falling into your face. Please see illustration when you’re ready to try your hand at this romantic.

1. Two-Strand Braided Headband

Vietnamese Hairstyles 1

Today, messy hair is well-loved by young women, so try this hairstyle that only requires two strands and some height. Pin in place to keep things secure, but you also don’t worry too much if something falls out of place. This hairstyle is encouraged with a beautiful mess.

  1. Waterfall Headband

Vietnamese Hairstyles 2

Waterfall headband seems to be complex, but they are actually very easy to learn. In fact, this style just combs hair back, make a thin braid and then pull pieces from the front through the braid, placing it across the head.

  1. French Braided Headband

Vietnamese Hairstyles 3

French braid your hair across the center of the top section and add in some soft curls for a completed look. Combining a headband style with curls can quickly transform this style from something simple into the fancy appearance that is appropriate for all occasions.

  1. Messy Braided Waves

Vietnamese Hairstyles 4

Messy braided wave is the perfect curly hairdo for a bride who is getting married outdoors. If you have thick hair, a loose braid can get lost, especially if it is textured. Add flowers or leaves to make it really outstanding for Vietnamese hair.

  1. Small Cornrow Headband

Vietnamese Hairstyles 5

A headband braid is always big and bold; sometimes a delicate option is all that you need to take your style up a notch. A thin braid works best for women who have shorter wispy pieces around the hairline or bangs because it holds better without slipping.

  1. Two-Tone Braided Updo

Vietnamese Hairstyles 6

If you are a young lady and you want to be an appropriate hairstyle for any formal event, this hairstyle is a surefire choice for women with long hair. The messy texture and double braid will show off your beautifully blended brown and blonde highlights.

  1. Braided Headband with Messy Bun

Vietnamese Hairstyles 7

This braided headband with messy bun works best with a high bun because you can really show off the intricacy of the braid and make it the focal point of the style.

  1. Sparkly Accent Headband

Vietnamese Hairstyles 8

When your hair is all one color or pale, a braided headband can get lost in the look especially from far away. Overcome this with a thin sparkly headband that will catch the light and draw attention to the detail in the plait.

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