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Best foods for hair growth

There is a saying that “Teeth and hair tell who you are”, therefore taking care of your hair be one of the priority thing you have to do.  It is obvious that we are always concerned about its health and growth, besides, in order to look good, we have been applying tons of techniques, tips and tricks we come to know about.

Best foods for hair growth 1

Among these suggestions, by some ways, we forget that the things we take in our body can create some huge impacts on our hair’s health and growth. It’s time for you to note down every little thing you need to add into your daily diet so as to make your hair grow strongly and shiny. These recommended foods by professional dermatologists and hair experts can have a significant effect on your hair and can make it grow faster.

Best foods for hair growth 2

Salmon: Salmon is no longer an unfamiliar ingredient in any healthy instagram food. This is considered to be one of the best source of protein and vitamin D. Besides, it contains omega-3 fatty acids that are really effective in promoting healthy hair growth. It also helps keep your scalp in good health.

Best foods for hair growth 3

Yellow peppers: A lot of us assume that oranges are the main sources which provide grea vitamin C. However, the truth is that yellow peppers are the ones that contain five and a half times of vitamin C more than oranges. This is definitely a good news because your hair needs a large amount of Vitamin C since Vitamin C is basically an antioxidant that helps strengthen your hair follicles and it also help prevent breakage.

Best foods for hair growth 4

Eggs: Apart from omega 3 fatty acids that is super essential to your hair growth, eggs also offer biotin which is a must factor promoting hair growth. At the same times, egg yolk is actually significant to balance the amount of egg white when you take in because eating too much egg whites can block biotin absorption in the body and can cause depletion of this essential nutrient.

Best foods for hair growth 5

Oysters: Oysters are loaded with an important nutrient named zinc. Zinc is vital for hair growth if your hair is deficient in zinc, it is a high chance that your hair will expose to hair loss and hair breakage. The reason here is that this is an important element that works great on healing and making your scalp and hair stronger.

Best foods for hair growth 6Sweet Potatoes: contain beta carotene make sweet potatoes an amazing ingredientyou’re your hair’s health. This element promotes faster growth while maintaining scalp health. Beta carotene is basically a precursor of Vitamin A. Speaking of Vitamin A, however, it is suggested that you only should digest an enough amount of it in order to avoid toxic situation.

Best foods for hair growth 7

Avocados: Avocados are rich in important fatty acids which are not only a healthy food but a secret of beauty. Besides providing a great amount of moisture, avocados are also great in producing elastin and stimulating collagen on the scalp.

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