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The Best Hair Colors For Vietnamese Hair

  1. Maroon

Colors For Vietnamese Hair 1

Maroon is considered as one of the hair colors that are meant for daring women. You must ensure that you are able to cover up any unwanted blemishes properly because maroon tends to accentuate those.

This hair color also should match your makeup and up your coverage as well as your skin. You can try it any time and of course, you can always change it back to your natural tones.

  1. Auburn

Colors For Vietnamese Hair 2

You remember that always determine your skin tone before choosing a hair color because auburn is suitable for warmer skin tones. It’s the perfect shade for Asian hair in general and for Vietnamese hair in particular who want to lean more towards the red side of life without going all out.

However, it’s important to match your hair color to your personality or vice versa.

  1. Golden tones

In a professional salon, special golden tones always have done as it’s quite a difficult tone to get right. It is suggested with beige in your skin, this look will be extremely flattering on you.

It is very essential that you always use a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for colored hair when switching from darker to lighter tones in order to keep the color longer.

  1. Light blonde

Colors For Vietnamese Hair 4

As with the golden tones, you want to test out different shades of blonde to match your skin tone. However, light blonde hair looks extremely flattering on younger women with long locks. You please try it once time because you may never go back with other colors.  

  1. Medium brown

Colors For Vietnamese Hair 5

Medium brown can look lighter than the natural Vietnamese hair tones, so it will still look natural. When your eyes are already brown, the lighter shade will accentuate your eyes more and even bring out the beauty of your natural features more.

It’s one of the tones to try if you don’t want a strong change to your overall look but still need a fresh new look.

  1. Dark brown

Colors For Vietnamese Hair 6

Although Vietnamese women have naturally dark hair, giving your look a little bit of a make-over is easily done with a dark brown shade.

It’s one of the easiest hair colors to apply without the possibility of messing it up, but still gives you a flattering look. Your skin will become warmer and you will feel like a brand new woman. 

  1. Crazy hues

Colors For Vietnamese Hair 7

Nowadays, the new trend of hair is combined with crazy and pastel colors. This is a must-try trend. Whether you use the chalk or a more permanent color, this trend seems to be amazing with Asian features and give your style a great twist!

Remember your hair color can make or break your overall look, but don’t be afraid to experiment and break personal rules. Besides, they are not broken, if you know to which extent.

When you want to change up your look, the best thing to do is to ask a professional and have them implement the changes to avoid an unfortunate hair color gone wrong.

Vietnamese hair can pretty much mix and match any tone and still look flattering. You must make sure that you follow the above few tips to avoid unfortunate mistakes and to choose the best hair color for your hair.

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