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This winter, you have to prepare yourself a beautiful hair style for the New Year. Especially the trendy hairstyles will help you become more beautiful and more modern. The hairstyles below will make women fascinated in youth and noble.

  1. Straight bob hair / curly hair

Bob’s hair is the length of hair that touches the neck. You can trim, bend the tail to cover the face or prune gently to increase the fashion. As before, bob hair just stop with the monotonous style, recently, this hairstyle was Korean fashion variations into many styles and so nice.

  1. Lob hair

Long bob is a long bob, or long hair that is shoulder-length, or over shoulder. Compared to bob hair, lob hair has the advantage of being so soft and graceful. If you have round or square shape, this is a great option for you because it will hide the full or square shape of the face.

  1. The bag hair

The bag hair is a variation of equal but thinly trimmed thinning of the roof. The sides of the roof are carefully trimmed for softness in the arc of the eyes, giving a more gentle and feminine appearance, master face. With this type of bangs, you will not feel heavy on the forehead as flat roofs or for those with high foreheads, thinning hair is also the way Korean women can hide their blemishes and remain pretty beautiful and attractive.

  1. The wavy hair

The wavy hairstyles are used by many Korean actors. The advantages of this hairstyle are youthful, seductive, but no less gentle. About 1 to 2 years ago curly became a movement to attract many people by virtue of luxury, class and charm. However, curly hair style makes it easy to feel old. In contrast, curly hairstyles are naturally attractive, as gentle as the waves bucket the shore but have great immersion.

  1. Layer hair

The hairstyle is a hair trimmer with layers of hair stacked on top of each other. The tail is curly and pointed, creating layers of curly hair that looks very personal. This is a hair style that many Korean beauties love because it helps to remove unnecessary hair and increase the buoyancy of the hair looking upward but tapering at the hair ends. Layer Hair will be the perfect choice for those who want to make their monotonous hair look great.

  1. The pixie hair

Pixie is a hairstyle with a stylized bang, creating a personality but still very attractive for the girls. With this hair, you will look “original” when the set of dynamic, but also very sexy when the dress with the same. If the previous pixie hair is just high cut hairstyle is now a short hair style but with a roof with many variations, the interwoven between the personality and the soft to create a special impression popular pixie hairstyle.

  1. The curly hair

This curly hair is quite popular with young people, this style helps you become more rounded, attractive and more attractive. This hairstyle combined with chestnut brown or reddish brown is very beautiful.

With the some hairstyle suggestion above, you can use it for the next winter. They are the best hair that we, Beequeenhair, is updated for you. If you have some questions, you can leave comment below or hit us on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

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