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Hair care


Winter is coming and besides skin care, thing girls will be worried the most is how to keep their hair soft and smooth in the dry weather. If you have the same question, you will find the answers below.

  1. Moisture the scalp and steam the hair once a week

In the winters, many people complain of so much dandruff on the head, this is because just like your skin, the scalp gets dry and flaky hydrate in this season. Like your skin, you need to regular do oil massages to keep the scalp moisturized. Just heat up your favorite oil and massage the scalp at least once a week.

We recommend using lighter oils like almond instead of coconut or castor oil since a lighter oil will not only help moisturize the scalp but it is also very easier to wash it off. Unlike a heavy coconut or castor oil that sits on the scalp for a long time. Do not forget to steam the hair after oiling by soaking your towel in hot water and cover the hair for about 30 minutes, then wash throughly with cold water or warm water.

  1. Do not wash your hair with hot water

Hot water would not just strip off your scalp of its natural oils but will also make your hair weaker. Besides, it also causes problems like dandruff, split ends and frizzy hair. Just use water at a moderate temperature for shampoo.

  1. Try to use chemical free shampoos or sulfate free shampoos

These shampoos will gently clean off all the dirt and oils from your scalp as well as helping you restore the moisture in the scalp and hair. Natural homemade shampoos can also add a thicker conditioner after every wash. You can add a spoonful of your favorite oil in your conditioner and keep it in the bathroom for handy use. In addition, you can make your own deep conditioner for silky and smooth hair by mixing unflavored full-fat mayonese with hot olive oil. Mayonnaise is a great deep conditioner because it is rich in protein.

  1. Do not wash your hair too often

Too much shampoos is going to make your scalp and hair dry, causing dandruff and split ends.  In the winter, the scalp is not greasy like in the summer, then you do not need to wash it too often. Just wash it once a week to avoid make your hair dry.

  1. Eat more fruits

You should eat more winter fruits and vegetables like carrots, spinach, mustard leaves, apples, bananas and nuts to help your hair gain strength and natural shine. Having a healthy diet will help a lot in growing your hair.

Like natural hair, hair extensions also require a good care in the winter. Instead of using synthetic hair extensions, you should buy human hair extensions because it can last longer than synthetic hair and you can freely style without damaging the hair. Beequeenhair is one of the best hair suppliers, selling 100% Vietnam human hair all over the world with a reasonable price. There are many types of hair extensions you can find in Beequeenhair. Even you have a short hair, shoulder length hair or a long hair, you can aslo use hair extensions from Beequeenhair to look more attractive. Contact our sales for more support.

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