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Cheat No Poo – Stop Suffering From Greasy Hair

If you keep updated with hair care technique, you must have come to know about no-poo technique. In other words, no poo mean using no shampoo in washing your hair. Instead you can use other natural ingredient such as apple cider vinegar, baking soda, soapberries, etc. If you have tried it but it doesn’t work for you then this is a simple and easy way to make it work.

If you have oily hair, no poo can be a bit challenging because many women have experienced no poo but it always leaves their hair greasy and oily. However, don’t worry because today, you are going to be offered some great solutions to this problem.

Stop Suffering From Greasy Hair 2

Shampoo-cum-rinse: New Method To Wash The Oil Out

First you should wet your hair, then apply shampoo shampoo to the lengths of the hair, leaving the scalp at least an inch, then rinse hair thoroughly. Next, I use ree shi shampoo to the scalp. If you haven’t known about ree shi shampoo then it is the combination of natural ingredients that are super healthy and helpful to your natural hair. Besides, it is not too harsh on your hair compared to other chemical shampoos available on the market. If you don’t have oily hair, you can totally go for ree shi shampoo for the entire head. However, the combination between traditional shampoo and ree shi one is the best for the ones with oily hair.

The results are stunning, you will see the excess oil reduce greatly and your hair even looks bouncy with added luster and gloss.

Stop Suffering From Greasy Hair 3

It is amazing, yes! But also, you have to pay attention to some points when it comes to using the shampoo cum rinse method:

  1. It is ideal to be used once a week, do not use it more than that.
  2. Use a cleansing hair rinse to remove oils from the scalp
  3. Let your hair dry naturally instead of using hair dry blower
  4. If your hair has a tendency to go frizzy, apply a leave in conditioner while it is wet. You can use essential oils as your leave in conditioner. A few drops of argan oil is a great example.

 More tips for you:

  • Ree shi shampoo is not the only option for you, you can also choose shikakai and honey, rice water shampoo, etc.
  • If you have blonde or red hair, you can use reetha shampoo, baking soda or clay wash
  • If you live in a soft water area, you can use castile soap for shampoo or soapberries are also an amazing ingredient for your natural hair.

Buying natural shampoo

Since you are not touching the scalp, you can use any shampoo for this method, with SLS or SLS free. The reason why you have to choose the ones without sodium lauryl sulfate is that this element can cause irritation to your skin and is also bad for aquatic life.

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