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Habits of people with healthy hair

Hair care is more than just shampooing and conditioning, there are many other factors that contribute to your healthy hair. Let’s discover how people with healthy hair taking care of their hair.

  1. They don’t take scalding hot showers

people with healthy hair 1

Some body has a habit of taking a hot shower after a long tiring day of working and studying; however, it is not a good thing for your hair. The reason is that hot water opens up your pores much more and dries out your skin and scalp. At the same time, hot water dissolves and even strip your hair’s natural oil off. Moreover, hot water is not as good as cold water in maintaining your hair’s color. As a result, Beequeen recommends you to use lukewarm water to wash your hair and body instead of too hot or cold water.

  1. Keep hands out of hair

people with healthy hair 2

Any kind of pressure or traction on your hair can cause damage to it. For example, putting your thick hair in a ponytail. This bad habit can cause hair loss, both immediately and in a long run. You should even prevent twirling your hair or picking at split ends for safety.

  1. Deep condition weekly

people with healthy hair 3

Normal condition your hair is not enough, your hair needs more than that. Therefore, every week, don’t forget to deep condition your hair. This habit will help to hydrate your hair much better than only moisture your hair in a normal way. Furthermore, using some natural masks applying to your hair two or three times a week is not a bad choice.

  1. They go natural as much as possible

Your body needs a rest after a long day of work, so does your hair. You should let your hair go natural without exposing it to any chemical or heat for a specific period of time. You can let it dry naturally, keep it down instead of gathering it up in a ponytail or bun. That’d be so good for your hair to take a rest.

  1. Get hair trim regularly

people with healthy hair 4

You may catch sight of various advertisement of hair products that can fix dead ends. However, the only way that can literally fix this situation is to chop them off, regularly. The truth is that there are some actual products which can stick the ends together but only temporary. Once you wash your hair, it will go back to normal for sure. Instead, regularly trim your hair off will make your hair healthier and it minimizes split ends way more effective than using any kind of products.

  1. Go for healthy food

It is just the same to the skin and body, hair needs healthy food and protein to build up itself. Protein is the main factor that stimulates your hair growth. In scientific area, hair is regarded as a non-essential tissue that means if you take in protein insufficiently to nurture your body, your body will not send protein to build your hair up. That’s why digest enough protein is very crucial in order to make your hair grow healthily.

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