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Hair trend 2017: haircuts and hair colors

If you are still wondering about changing your hairstyle and pursuing a new look for this year, this article today will be a source of inspiration for you in terms of haircuts, hair colors and hair styling that you can totally base on to find your most suitable style for your beautiful real hair.


The one thing to remember is that short and middle length styles are getting more and more into the spotlight this year. If you intend to have your short haircuts, you should go for the metric hairstyle or the one which is longer at the front and shorter at the back. Also, the side parting is more common than the center parting for these two hairstyles. haircuts and hair colors 1If you like your hair longer than your chin and you know who Taylor Swift is then her bob hairstyle might be the right style for you. These hairstyles give you a powerful, edgy and modern look and it is super easy to care for which only requires very little maintenance on a daily basis. 

These hairstyles are everywhere in Hollywood, on the red carpet but somehow not so much on the street yet. There are many ladies you can look up for inspiration such as Emma Stone, Lily Collins or Tayler Swift. The way to wear the Bob like that is your hair should be a little bit wavy and messy which can be made by using the curling iron or more simply, you can braid your hair into two sides, going to bed with them and the next morning when you wake up, you have your waves. It is also advised to use some dry shampoo on the top of your head to give your hair more volume.

haircuts and hair colors 2

The next one is undercut, not only for men but also for women. It is used to be the haircuts for rebels like punks, teenagers, but today, it is definitely going more mainstream that you can even wear it to work. You can hide your undercut but the longer hair on top of it for a more sensual silhouette or show your undercut by tie your hair up high into a bun or a ponytail.

Hair colors

It is considered to be the most innovated area when it comes to hair. Recently there has been so many kinds of high-quality products for your hair in term of coloring for a couple of years. Today, rarely do you have to suffer from color fading out or turning into another hue which look pretty ugly after you wash your hair for a few times. The products are getting better that nice, bright colors actually stay bright and it gives us multiple options to dye your hair.

Firstly, fantasy colors becoming more popular nowadays and there are several options that make it wearable. They can be ombre hair that transitions softly to another color as you go down such as from dark to clear. This hair color is adored by many celebrities and it is also very well established on the street.

haircuts and hair colors 3

The next one is the bronde color which is the contraction of brown and blonde. It seems to be more elegant, classy and high end than the regular blond shade.

haircuts and hair colors 4

Another popular one is the shade of blue, for example, the dark shades which look very classy and original.

haircuts and hair colors 5

Grey and silver hues are also in the spotlight this year which can be applied to everyone at any age. It is perfect hair color to reflect the light and brighten up your face.

haircuts and hair colors 6

As a matter of fact, no matter what color you are into, don’t forget that it will work best on your virgin real hair extensions which is stronger and healthier than the one undergoing chemical process.

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