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Hair trends 2017: Hairstyling

We have been talking a lot about haircuts, hair colors in 2017 hair trends, therefore, today, we will have a further look at hair styling. Styling is the way you change your look without going to a hairdresser. Now, let’s find out the hairstyle that definitely rocks in 2017.

Hairstyling 1

First off, we can mention Hollywood curls which are slight curls made with regular irons, mostly around your face and the bottom half of your hair length. This hairstyle is perfect for red carpet look and parties. It is also known to be the voluminous outward curl look with side outward curls which means you have to take your hair on the side partition, the more you take on the side, the more voluminous it looks. 


Another one is poker straight hair. This hairstyle can be easily obtained by using the straightener in your house. Poker straight hair looks really chic, sleek and stylish and it was first spotted by Sonam Kapoor. This hairstyle is started with the middle parting on your hair and then straightened up from top to the bottom. It looks best on the round and chubby face.

Hairstyling 2

Top bun. This was recently noticed by Katrina Kaif. The top bun looks super adorable and sassy with half of your hair tied in a small bun up high on top of your head and half of them is let down straightened or curled loosely.

Hairstyling 3

Wavy messy hair look is also an inspiration for this year. Basically, it is the wavy hair but it is added a bit of volume and tangles to gain the messy but gorgeous look.

Hairstyling 4

The next one is braids or some of them are known to be the French braids. This year, rope braid hairstyle is on top. The braid can be on the side, be close to the head. You can braid flat on one side or you can do a very small braid and hang them around your head like a headband. It seems like braids add a hint of innocence and soften up the straits of your face.

Hairstyling 5

Now we will come to the most trending hairstyle at the moment: the bun. It is first applied by Miley Cyrus and it used to be considered as “ridiculous” but then it appears everywhere on the street. So buns might be getting their moment of fame after all. A pie is a common way of doing a bun but there are also other ways from a messy bun to two buns which are really high on the head. You are really free to do the bun however you like.

Hairstyling 6

Some tips for you is that if your hair is not available to do these hairstyles which require thick and long hair, you should opt for hair extensions, especially real human hair extensions. These extensions come with all kind of colors and styles you might need such as wavy hair extensions, straight extensions, etc. These human hair extensions, particularly virgin hair extensions are perfect for making use of styling and changing your look.

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