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Head Massage for better hair growth

While face massage has it reputation of making your skin look glowing and healthy, head massage also brings a lot of benefits to your hair health. This will stimulate the blood circulation and promote hair growth, at the same time, it also assists in getting you a beautiful hair look.

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Head massage does get a lot of credit. If you do it regularly, your hair can grow from 0.5 to 2.5 inches per month which is incredible. Besides, head massage also help you to keep track of hair loss and scalp dryness. After doing it for several times, you will notice that your hair fall down less and you scalp is more hydrated than before, especially in cold weather. Because of regular oiling and massage, dryness was almost nil.

How to measure hair length

You can do it two ways:

  1. Measure from the top of your crown to the ends.
  2. Measure from the back of neck line to the ends.

You should do the measurement when your hair is completely dry because when it’s wet, the hair strands tend to stretch out which make it longer than normal. At the same time, you can take a photo of your hair in order to keep track with your hair growth.

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In details, here’s a quick recap on benefits of head massage:

It brings oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles, promote healthier hair growth and gets rid of scalp toxins. Likewise, it also improves scalp health and add shine, texture to the hair.

The perfect time to do a massage for your scalp is about 3 times a week. Down here is the list of some best oils which should be used in head massage: sunflower, sesame, grape seed, almond, jojoba. Also, you can mix a few drops of essential oil such as rosemary, holy basil, etc. However, due to the fact that essential oils are quite strong, you only need a very small amount of them (2 or 3 drops for 2 tbsp of carrier oil are good enough)

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If you are struggling with hair loss, then opt for sunflower seed, grape seed or jojoba oil. What you have to do is to stir in a few drops of marjoram essential oil and massage this blend on your hair. You can also add some castor oil to enhance growth.

How to head massage: It is super easy to do a head massage, just use your fingertips and give your scalp gentle scratch, you can use some oils if you like but without oil, it’s still nice.

Get a trim: Besides, never forget to trim your hair ends regularly in order to help it grow healthily. You will not want your hair to look shedding and dry with split ends for sure. The ideal times to have your hair trim can be once a month or once every two months. 

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