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Hair growth will not be a problem if you don’t have your hair dyed. However, if you do, then this will be pretty an issue to deal with. Besides using cover up products to make the roots in the same shade with the rest of your hair, there are some other useful tips for you to hide regrowth hair.


  1. Hats and hair accessories


In this case, hats and hair accessories can be your best friends which embrace your look and hide the new hair effectively. They can be considered to be real lifesavers to hide your hair growth, especially on your trip without having time to visit your hair stylist. If you worry about being weird when you wear a hat inside, choose a smaller one. It will help. Besides, scarf is also worth a try in this situation. You can be creative with a small scarf by wearing it in different styles such as bandana or wrap it around a bun, or wear a turban is definitely an option. Apart from scarves, a floral headband or normal headband will also be great for you. These hair accessories do not only do its targeted job but also add more colours and fun to your look. People will focus on these hair items instead of look at your regrowth for sure.

  1. Change the focus

It is obvious that you really want to hide your regrowth as soon as it appears. However, when your hair is pulled back, you actually emphasise the root more than when you leave your hair out and put the focus on the ends of your hair. As the result, rather than gathering all your hair up in a ponytail and show up your roots, let it down, braid or tie it loosely. Don’t forget that the key is to make people focus on the rest of the hair instead of the regrowth.

  1. Disguise it


Have you heard of tinted dry shampoo? This is a kind of dry shampoos that contain colour instead of only white as the traditional ones. Besides cleaning and giving your hair a fresh, clean look, these shampoos can cover up the new baby hair and regrowth. Nowadays, there are a wide range of dry shampoo with diverse colours that you can choose the one that match your hair hues. Brunette, blonde and black are three most popular shades available on the market in recent days. It will be great if you haven’t had time to go to the salon and retouch the roots into the wished colour. Just imagine, nothing is better than a two-in-one product which can help you in absorbing excess oil on the hair and scalp and also acts as a cover-up product. The best part is all these magical things can happen only in the matter of seconds by several sprays.

We hope that now you can take it easy and find yourselves the best tips to deal with regrowth. These tips will not only save your time, reduce your stress but also give you sometimes to relax before heading to the salon again.


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