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Human Hair Extensions and Protective Styling to Have A Really Natural Hair

Natural hair transition is a process that not every girls or women can easily grab scissors and start cutting away. This process requires knowing how to care for your own natural texture and curl patterns when you have intention to remove the chemically processed ends of your hair.  

You can apply protective styling (natural hairstyles) or wearing human hair extensions in the process of changing from chemically processed hair to own natural hair texture and curls.

Protective styling is an essential step in the transitional process of hair, which can allow your hair to grow without over manipulation or stress. The reason is that when your new virgin hair emerges, the difference between your natural hair and chemically treated hair will more and more noticeable.

The key is to utilize transition-friendly hairstyles that will hide this line and help you easily care for your hair without becoming frustrated when caring for two distinctively different textures. Let consider the following styles and tips.

Sew-in Human Hair Extensions

Sew-in human hair extensions is a type of transition style that also serves as a protective styling option. Your sew-in hair extensions completely covers your natural hair and none of the hair would be left out.

Human Hair Extensions 1

Sew-in hair extensions

By this method, the hair will blend evenly als well as your natural hair will have time to grow without constant manipulation and pulling at the hair from frequent styling. It may take from 2-5 hours to apply sew-in human hair extensions depending on your hair style. If you have proper care for sew-in hair extensions, it can last from 6-12 weeks.

Clip-in Human Hair Extensions

Clip-in human hair extensions is a temporary method to get longer, fuller hair easily and quickly. It can also be used effectively as a protective style while transitioning. The clip-in hair extensions is attached to your own natural hair where the comb is then fastened securely into place.

It takes a few seconds to apply clip-in human hair extensions and it blends well with your own natural hair. If you’re having thought about wearing clip in hair extensions as a transition style, look for natural hair textures that is similar to your own natural hair texture. This method is considered a quick and simple way that you can add length or create volume for your natural hair.

Human Hair Extensions 2

Clip-in hair extensions – a simple method to add length and create volume for hair

Crotchet Hairstyles

Crotchet braids has become extremely popular since it cut down the installation time of getting gorgeous braided hairstyles with hair extensions. To do this style, you can use a latch hook to weave pre-styled human hair extensions into your own hair. Your natural hair is secured under the braids while still maintaining length. One of the advantages of this style is that you will have full access to your hair and scalp, which help you moisturize your scalp while transitioning. Many natural human hair extensions have a close structure with natural hair textures, so you can have a feeling that it’s like to maintain your natural hair texture when it grows longer.





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