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In recent year, short hair might be considered to be the trendiest one compared to other ones that a huge number of girls decided to cut their hair in order to achieve a fresh, trendy look. Moreover, short hair can look best on a diversity of face shape and can be mixed with a wide range of outfits in different styles. However, a proper make up will even make your hair and your face look even more fabulous. That’s why in today’s article we will talk about how to have a right make up look with short hair for you, ladies.

  1. Bright colored lipstick   


The combination of short hair and bright colored lipstick is the best formula that the majority of celebrities favor. Particularly for Asian with black hair, fair skin and bright colored lips make them incredibly attractive. You can choose some typical colors such as bright red or pink purple then apply a thin foundation but keep your eyes as simple as possible. Bright colored lipstick even work great on bright hair color on short hair, so don’t be worry if you have your hair dyed brightly.

  1. Nude colored lipstick

the_magic_of_makeup_640_03If red lipstick brings back the look of mystery and attraction, then nude lipstick with short hair, in the other hand, makes you seem to be young, foreign and fashionable. If you are the kind of energetic and active girls, this is the look for you. One technique that you should use when you apply nude lipstick to make other parts of your face outstanding. For instance, apply some blush on your cheek, use warm tone foundation and do smoky eyes. An alternative is to get curly eye lashes, along with short hair and nude lips which makes you look like a pretty doll.

  1. Winged eyeliner


Besides these above suggestions, you can match your short hair with bold winged eyeliner which will definitely make you look gorgeous and attractive. Winged Eyeliner or Cat eyeliner make your eyes look more appealing, brighter and bigger. These types of eyeliners will create the fresh, awake look for you, especially on the days that you feel tired and sleepy.

  1. Well shaped eyebrows


In cases that you have dark short hair then a bold, well shaped eyebrows will spice up your look. A pair of well designed eyebrows will frame your face and make your face look more dimensional. One you pay attention to your eyebrows, you don’t need to pay too much efforts on doing your eyes if you don’t have time. It’s totally up to you.

These tips will be pretty helpful for short hair people to flavor up their unique look. Even if you don’t have short have, these tricks will be still applicable as long as it suits your look and personality. Therefore, don’t be hesitate to try out and experiment the look make up look or new haircut to freshen up yourself and make your life as fun as you want      

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