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Make your hair extensions look real 2

Today, hair extensions, especially human hair extensions have been becoming an essential accessory for a huge number of girls. They are widely available on the market with dissimilar types and designs. However, more importantly, knowing how to get hair extensions which look natural and real isn’t that easy. So what can you do?

Firstly, choose the right hue. This is obviously one of the most significant standards you need to note when you want to buy hair extensions. Always keep in mind thatthe comparison between your real hairs with the extensions in term of color. This is because you will not want to wear two colors on your hair if they do not blend very well with each other. Additionally, the suitable hair color also can either brighten up or darken your skin.If you have dark skin, you should choose the dark shade colors while fair skin is easier to choose hair hue. The best way is to put your real hair and hair extensions in the daylight for the best result.

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Secondly, choose the suitable hairstyle. The same as real hair, hair extensions also plays a crucial role in framing your face. That’s why a proper hair extensions style is also super important if you want to look natural but gorgeous. For examples, if you own a long face shape, hair extensions in a high ponytail is ideal to balance the look of your face. If you rather like a girly look, use the wavy hair extensions with suitable length. And if you own a round face, hair extensions which are medium high which you can either let down or tie them in a side bun is perfect for you.

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Thirdly, take care of the extensions. It is easily known that if the hair extensions are not taken care of very well, they will soon become fizzy and lose their natural look. As a result, you should give both your real hair and hair extensions good care. Specifically, it is ideal to wash the hair extensions one to two times a week depending on how often you wear them. Likewise, it is important to note that organic, mild shampoos and cold water should be used instead of the harsh ones and warm water.

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Next, pay attention to using hair extensions. In some cases, your hair extensions might be damp, remember not to brush or use the hair dryer to dry them right away but let them naturally dry. The reason is that the hair structure can be damaged when you use improper heat and harsh impacts. If the hair extensions get dirty, make use of your hand wash to get rid of the dirt. One more thing to keep in mind is that if you don’t use them, put them in a suitable place. 

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Lastly, use accessories. Hair accessories are amazing items which make your hair extension look real and natural. You can take advantage of hair pin, hair tie, bows, headband, turban, etc to fix them nicely into your real hair. Even a hat is also a cute item which gives your hair a nice touch too.



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