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Pastel hair guide

Pastel hair guide 1

This year is also a year of colorful hairstyle that pastel is back on top. You can totally catch sight of some shade of candy-coated which is gorgeous and fabulous, especially in the summer. If you have an interest in dipping into the pastel pool this summer there’s a couple of things I think you should know.

Pastel hair guide 2

In most cases, in order to get your hair pastel, you must have your hair bleached first to lighten it. The reason is that pastel will show off it’s the best shade when your real hair is super light blonde. These light shades with softening up your look and make you brightening up. Additionally, pastel works well on any hair length too. Therefore, go to an experienced hair stylist and don’t put any effort to dye your hair pastel at home, on your own. One advice is that you should have your hair stylist variate and blend several colors which go well with each other so as to avoid the situation that it might look like you are wearing a wig. From metallic blue, candy pink to ash silver color, you can find the color that suits your skin tone. Some tones that you can mix together such as cool aqua with lavender, pale pink with soft peach, soft peach with butter-up, gray with blue or smoky, etc. There are tons of choice that you can think of, as long as it shows your personality and looks fabulous on your appearance.

Pastel hair guide 3

It is true that pastel looks epic with any hairstyles, from natural letting-down hair, buns, braid, straight to curly. But I guarantee you it will look out of the world with braids and wavy hair whether your natural hair is long or short. The truth is, pastel is going to fade quicker than a full-intensity hue so doesn’t hold up your expectations too much. At the same time, even when your hair fades away, it still looks amazing, particularly once it is vibrant with different shades and tones. One thing that you should be aware of is how fast your hair fades also depends on your hair condition, hair structure and the hues themselves. A common rule is that the lighter your hair is at the beginning, the longer the pastel will stay.

Pastel hair guide 4

Pastel can look fabulous but knowing how to take care and maintain it is not that simple. Once you decide to go pastel, it often takes you several months to hydrate and well care your hair before you have it bleached. Even though, it is common that you will have your hair bleach several times before you can actually go pastel. Moreover, after you soak your hair with chemical, deep condition and mask your hair regularly is also a must in order to maintain the color and recover your real hair from damaged.

Last advice is to choose mild and specified shampoos and conditioners, especially the one that is made for chemical-treated hair. So, be aware of what you have to do before going to meet your hair stylist and good luck with your trendy pastel look.

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