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What the quality of Vietnam human hair?

Most of Vietnam human hair is thick hair

Many people believed that Vietnam human hair is thick hair and only a small amount is thin hair.

The features of thick hair are pretty big, strong, shiny, and heavy. And when it is taken care carefully, the hair will be stronger and very healthy. All of these features help make the quality hair become beautiful.

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What is the quality of Vietnam human hair?

Can you find something about the qualifty of Vietnam human hair. For example, many customers were afraid when they bought or used new source of hair? But they will satisfied about it. They may say Vietnam human hair is the high quality product. And they continue to use servcices. That is a small example to show that the quality of Vietnam human hair is so good.

Can I dye, use the heat or change hairstyles of Vietnamese hair extensions.

The answer is yes.

With Viethamese hair, you can do anything you want. But you must sure about the type of hair extensions that you buy, which is Vietnam remy hair, and it is not mixed with other types like synthetic fiber, non- remy hair or animal hair.

Due to the strong texture, especially thick hair, you can apply chemical subtances to your hair through dyeing or bending, geting your hair straightened…to make your hair become awesome. However, there is one thing you should pay attention to, if you want to dye hair extensions, you should choose the hair with natural color.

You can see that many people made complaints in the Internet that after they dyed their hair, the color is so badly and they don’t know the reason for this situation. 

How can I buy the high quality Vietnam human hair?

There are so many wholesale Vietnam human hair in the Vietnam market, and you can see it easily when you search in the google, but, this does not mean that the quality of hair and the price are the same.

With the hair that is mixed with every kind of hair, the price is cheaper than hair extensions made of 100% remy hair. You can consider recommendations and assessment of buyers who buy it before to take the best review in their fanpage or websites. This way can help you save your money and avoid the risks.

It can be concluded that there is no big difference between Vietnamese hair with Brazil hair, Peruvian hair, India hair… Choosing the right supplier will help you own the good hair and use it in the long time.

Hope you will choose the best hair extensions to get the best look,

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