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How The Sun Affects Your Hair

The sun’s affect on our hair seems not too scary that hair protection doesn’t usually rank at the top of our list when planning for a day in the sun. How important is protecting your hair from the sun?

How The Sun Affects Your Hair 2

How the sun affects your hair:

Hair cuticle damage – UVA and UVB rays break down cysteine which is an important component of Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein. Cysteine gives HKP strength so when it’s attacked by the sun, the hair cuticle is weakened. And the result? Dry, brittle strands that are much more susceptible to further damage.

Effects on pigment – Once the UV rays get past the weakened cuticle and reach the melanin (pigment) they break it down. The result? Faded, lighter hair color.

Not so good, right? Add summer heat to the equation and your hair is susceptible to damage that lasts well into the fall. By keeping your locks hydrated while in the sun, you’ll help increase elasticity and decrease damaged. However, to usefully protect against UV rays, there are two ways you can do.

How The Sun Affects Your Hair 3

How to protect hair strands from harmful UV rays:

  • Its simple, easy, and the most effective way to protect your hair from the sun: cover it. Do wear a hat or wrap
  • Use hair protection product– Although wearing a hat is easy and effective, it’s not always ideal – and it doesn’t always protect the ends (which need the most protection). If you don’t feel like covering your strands completely, make sure to coat them with a heat spray, hair oil or any other product with ingredients that absorb UV rays

Following these way in habit and your hair will be healthy so much.


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