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When traveling, you may not be able to carry your dryer, curling iron, flat iron to make hairstyles, and you do not have a lot of time for hairdressing. Why do not you try the beautiful braided hair, or towel tieing hair as suggested below, it will certainly be suitable for travelling and ensure the beauty of girls.

  1. Beautiful braided hair


With the return of the classic fashion, beautiful braided hair with the form of the country style is also widely used from the catwalk to daily life. Then wait for something that does not take advantage of this quick hair style for your trip.

It’s easy to just remove all the hair to one side of your shoulders. Then split one part of bangs significantly in two and twisted the rope about two rounds to the ear. Then combine the hair with the hair pulled over to the shoulders gradually to the ends of the hair and use fixed elastic. Visit: Vietnam hair

The secret for you is not to try to stretch too much while wrapping and puckering lightly and relax your hands. After finishing, use your hand to pull the ends of your hair so that the folds are fluffy and tangled naturally. It is these light curls that will bring charm to you.

  1. Hair bun

            Regardless of whether your destination is a hot tropical country or cool temperate areas, high tiered hair is always the best option. With just a few strands of hair tied and even without a comb, you’ve got a neat hairstyle to hit the road.

And yet, the high-tufted hairstyle revealing this necklace also makes you extremely sexy. The secret for you is not to try to brush your hair smoothly before the toddler let the hair a little tangle and spontaneously. This will not only help you fix your hair more easily but also help your hair after the bun is more natural and attractive.


  1. Towel tieing hair


Also with the high tails like above, but if you want a bit of momentum and color for the trip more exciting, try to combine with your favorite scarf. First fold the square scarf diagonally, folding the coil to get a long ribbon.

Your hands hold the two ends of the ribbon across the back of your head so that your back is in contact with the center of the ribbon. Next you round the two ends of the strip across the ear, covering both the ears and tie on top of the bangs.

A small tip for you is to pull the two ends of the ribbon at the knot to form a ribbon, which will look extremely cute and neat. So you’re ready for an exciting trip!

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