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TOP 5 Popular Shoulder-length Wavy HairStyles

Shoulder-length wavy hair brings gentle, yet very lovely to the girls who like modern style.

Shoulder-length hair styles are never “old-fashioned”, especially with shoulder-length wavy hair. Because this beautiful hairstyle suits most face types, from the oval, round face, long face or angled.

Below is a summary of five Korean wavy hairstyles for your reference. Quick hand pick a style and “rip” this weekend.

  1. Shoulder-length wavy hair with central parting

Wavy HairStyles 1

Do not think that central parting is just a “story” of the 90s. If you do not believe, just you look through a few hair magazines or fashion magazines that you will find many famous and attractive stars with this hairstyle. Just a few new variations such as ripples from the ears down or ripples from the top of your head that you have a unique shoulder-length wavy hair with central parting.

  1. Curly and wavy shoulder-length hair from the top of the head

Wavy HairStyles 2

With this beautiful hairstyle, you can combine with the twist or straight central parting, but it is best to keep the long bangs. A curly and wavy shoulder-length hair from the top of the head with vintage trend would be the perfect choice for a feminine and luxurious girl. In addition, you can also vary with the side parting (7/3) to create a difference.

  1. Shoulder-length wavy hair with see-through bangs and perky root

Wavy HairStyles 3

This is very popular hair style for Korean people. It is relatively pretty, haughty and very attractive. The hair is slightly curled and the root of hair is perky out. However, girls who have round and square faces, this hairstyle should not be used because it makes the face bigger and squarer.

  1. Shoulder-length wavy hair with dyeing the root of hair

Its name is enough to say how is this hairstyle. Normally, if the hair is dark, the root of hair will be dyed the light color and, the light color hair should dye the tail darker. For sisters under the age of 27 or those who like to “changing” to go out or go clubbing, this is a beautiful hairstyle and very suitable.

Wavy HairStyles 4

  1. Shoulder-length wavy hair with twist and tie

How to make this hairstyle is not difficult and you can do it by yourself. Just curl light curls, then take two pieces of hair in the front, twist and tie in the middle. You can use the same color “chun” string with hair color or stylish strings with bow.

Wavy HairStyles 5

This hairstyle brings gentle, grace and attractive beauty for girls, to go to school and go to work or go out. 

In general, these shoulder-length wavy hair styles have their own beautiful features and highlights that help its “owner” shine in very different ways. Therefore, you can assured that if you choose the appropriate hair style, you will look radiant surprise. Wish you have a beautiful hair as expected.

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