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You use oil but your hair is still dry

A lot of people might wonder why you are using oil for your hair but it is still dry. It is simple to understand that essential oil is not moisturizer. That’s why a number of people fail to try so hard to hydrate their hair with oils. It is not surprising that people don’t know what moisturizer really is. We often think that oil is a kind of moisturizer but don’t know that the true source of hair moisturizer is water. As a result, while it is true that some oils like coconut oil hydrates your hair very well but in order to well moisture your natural hair, it requires water and water based products.

oil but your hair is still 1

The truth is oil is a helpful aid in keeping your hair hydrate but it is not enough. Oils can help you to see a better result of healthy hair only if you can use other conditioners in your hair care at the same time and in a proper way. Here is the way you should apply in order to achieve a better hair. First of all, parting our hair into some sections. Then apply water and conditioner to each section. After that, use a bit of oil at your choice to seal the moisture from the water, water based product in your strands. Last but not least you can use some cream to your hair as the final layer, set and style your hair as you wish. In this case, essential oils will help to hold your hair onto the water molecules. Then your hair will be fully hydrated.

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But ladies, remember that each oil type is suitable and offers different effect with different conditioner and cream. For instance, coconut oil will create a dissimilar impact on your hair in comparison with olive oil or avocado oil. Likewise, do a research or read our former article to know what hair type goes with suitable oils then you will have an overview in choosing essential oils that meet your personal demands. A good example can be olive oil. It is considered to be a kind of oil with quite high density, therefore, it is not very suitable to light hair. If you use it with light hair, it will only flat your hair even more. One more thing that you should refer to is if you only use oils for your hair without setting it with conditioner, it will vaporize and leave you hair no nutrients at all.

As a result, essential oil can be used to keep moisture to your hair but it cannot do it by its own without specified conditioners. Therefore, never expect that only oils can do the job. It is the same to your skin, oil or serum is only an additional step to your skin care. It is crucial to use moisturizer after that and toner before that in order to make a completed skin care routine and make your skin healthy.

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