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If you are a fan of Hollywood film, you absolutely know Zoe Saldana – a black skin actress. She has taken part in many Hollywood’s films and played more and more roles in some of the biggest action movies. Being a famous movie star, she always appears with stunning look. She attracts people’s attention by not only her great acting ability but also beautiful appearance with amazing make-up and hairstyles. To a famous actress, hairstyles play an important role in enhancing her look. Therefore, to have gorgeous hairstyle, hair extensions are indispensable hair beauty tools. In this post, we will show you Zoe Saldana’s beautiful hairstyles. Let see how she is stunning with them.

Center-parted straight haircut

Her face shape is framed nicely by this hairstyle. She turns her medium hair into an effective tool to boost her graceful look.

Pretty messy updo

Appearing with a smile, she looks so sweet with this hairstyle. It is romantic and graceful when two strands of curls hang in the front.

Classy medium curls

Zoe’s black hair is styled into curly hairstyle, which brings her new look.

Sweet bobby pinned updo

This hairstyle brings to her a sweet look. If you like this style, you can make it by teasing the hair into side-bun. Moreover, the side-swept curly bangs make this look more elegant.

Brunette long curls

It seems that center-parted style is Zoe’s favorite one and it also is great for her. The loose curls make her look feminine and frame her face shape. If you have intention of making this hairstyle, applying hair extensions is your solution to thin hair problem.

Cheerful ponytail

Zoe Saldana looks fresh with the ponytail. This hairstyle makes her face look longer. If you have a round shaped face, this hairstyle is good for you.

Glamorous braided updo

This hairstyle is absolutely suitable for formal occasions. Zoe looks amazing and elegant when combining this style with proper make-up. If you are finding a hairstyle for event or party, this is an ideal one.

Gorgeous messy ponytail

The center-parted style appears again. This time, the center-parted bangs play a role to frame her face shape. Besides, the messy ponytail makes casual-chic look.

Lovely loose curls

Zoe Saldana looks sweet and beautiful with these loose curls.

Radiant side-parted medium curls

This style is considered as one of her best hairstyle. The medium hair embraces her tightly and goes well with any outfits. Moreover, this style makes her fresh and even younger.

Side-swept braid

Zoe extremely looks sweet with this side-swept braid. In this appearance, she looks like next-door girl, very beautiful. If you like this look, you can try it at home yourself.

Above are 11 top Zoe Saldana’s hairstyles. These hairstyles contribute a lot to enhance her beauty. If you like them, you can try them for suitable occasions. Do not worry about your hair issues such as hair loss, thin hair, etc. because we have hair extensions. There are so many hair extensions brands on the market that you do not know which is good. We recommended Beequeenhair – a Vietnamese hair brand. The quality is ensured because Beequeenhair commits to supply 100% human hair. Besides, you can choose many types such as clip in hair, tape hair, etc. Apply our hair extensions to have the best hairstyles.

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